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Before Webanomics
The pain organizations are feeling today is very real and without any long-term solution. Some of these pain points are:

  • Most corporate data residing on remote laptops and workstations are completely missed by today’s backup solutions.
  • Steadily increasing infrastructure management and support costs
  • Poorly performing backup applications and infrastructures 
  • Inability to derive timely, meaningful and optimal results due to ‘data overload’
  • Inefficient processes leading to increased costs and reduced productivity

The Guardian Solution
The company’s solution is a powerful mesh based framework that optimizes the backup of corporate data throughout the enterprise.  Guardian™ Server resides on a server at your facility and Guardian Clients reside on laptops or remote workstations.  Data can be transferred over IP. The software is based on a unique data management technology which provides for:

  • A Mesh Framework – highly scalable
  • Extensible plug-in interfaces for unlimited and rapid future enhancements
  • Transparency to client – automatic configuration and execution of service
  • Intelligent use of system resources by sensing CPU, network connectivity, etc.
  • Local and centralized policy based administration
  • Complete security model offering secure communication and data storage


To find out more about any of the Webanomics Suite of products, contact our sales department at sales@webanomics.com. 

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